Gabriel Romaguera, a professor at the English Department.

Meet Dr. Gabriel Romaguera, a Colegio Alumni from the English’s Department Bachelor’s in Literature and Master’s in English Education programs. After his time in Colegio, he went to the University of Rhode Island to study a PhD in English and Cultural Studies. He defended his dissertation this past march.

Before going into a career in English he contemplated studying math, but he decided that he could be more creative and do more with an English degree. It wasn’t until his masters that Romaguera realized his talent and passion for teaching. “The moment when a student realizes something” that’s his motivation to teach, when he feels his making a difference. He wants his students to think beyond how they can write an essay to get an A, but to think in a critical manner and gain a better form of understanding.

He currently serves as an Adjunct Assistant Professor of the English Department teaching two sections of Advanced English. He also helps as the junior academic advisor to the Popular Culture Student Association (PCSA) and with conference organizing. To keep his students interested in class he “cosplays the syllabus”, in which the theme for the class can be reflected through his choice of attire for that day. Beyond the job description, he wants to help people communicate better. He explains that sometimes things make perfect sense in a person’s head but once they try to put them into words they can’t.

Gabriel Romaguera shows an incredible commitment to his job and students, he finds innovative ways to engage them in class and motivate them to work. He likes to remind his students that “every step you take is a step forward just in a different direction”. Dr. Romaguera enjoys teaching here in El Colegio, he has a lot of appreciation for his colleagues and will continue here as long as they have him.