A student posing for the camera for the camera, to be used as part of a greeting to all of the new graduate members.

Do you want to know who are our new MAEE students? Here we present our Spring and Fall 2016 new English graduate students:

Spring 2016


My name is Keyla González Díaz, I completed my Bachelor’s Degree at University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus. Right now I do not have a teacher’s certificate but I am planning and studying to take it in March 2017. I am a Graduate Teaching Assistant at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus, where I currently teach INGL 3103: Intermediate English. I majored in English Linguistics and was in the Teacher Preparation Program at the UPRM. My interests or goals are to become an English Teacher whether it is from Middle to High School or at the university level, I am still undecided.

jenairaMy name is Jenaira M. Martinez Vargas and I began my bachelor’s in fine arts in the University of Puerto Rico, Aguadilla campus. Since fine arts does not finish there, I transferred for my fourth year to the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez campus where I finished my bachelor’s in fine arts. I also have a teaching certification in fine arts: visual arts for K-12 students. I am a TA in UPRM and I am currently teaching two Ingl 3103 Intermediate English class sections. My thesis for my art bachelor’s was on gender discrimination and segregation between Manga (Japanese comic books) genres, I wanted to go through that line of thought since I already have done the foot work on it. However, in one of the nights taking Models for teaching literature, professor Haydock mentioned doing a thesis on Harry Potter and that kind of got me interested but I’m still not too sure.


My name is José A. Ríos Hernández and I graduated this year from University of Puerto Rico at Aguadilla, where I completed my BA in Education with a Mayor in English with Instructional Technology (Elementary Level). I am currently a TA at UPRM, teaching English Composition and Reading I. I just received my teaching certificate and now I am certified to teach K-6. My current interest in the field at the moment is Second Language Acquisition at the Elementary Level.

nicoleMy name is Nicole D. Ruiz Torres, I did my BA in Comparative Literature at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez; besides that I also completed the curricular sequence in Italian Language and the Film Certificate. I do not have teacher certificate, however, I did complete half the courses required for the PPMES (Programa de Preparación de Maestros de Escuela Secundaria) at UPRM. Currently, I am a Teaching Assistant at Colegio and I am teaching INGL3103, intermediate English. My topics and fields of interests are related to Genocide Studies, Trauma Theory, Gender Studies, Disability Studies, Film studies, Queer Literature, Memory Studies, Memoirs, and Middle Eastern Studies. My undergraduate thesis, Whispers from the Silence: Listening to the Unsaid in Testimonial Literature on Genocide, deals with the recovery of latent memories in textual silence through proposals from trauma theory and the analysis of testimonial literature related to genocide in Rwanda, Argentina, and Germany. I am both a Humanist Photography and language learning enthusiast; I study Swedish and Arabic independently.

Fall 2016

ashleyMy name is Ashley A. Miranda Negrón, I am 23 years old and from Aguada, P.R. I did my BA at the University of Puerto Rico at Aguadilla campus. My mayor was Teaching English at the Elementary Level with the use of Multimedia and Technology. I am a certified elementary English teacher, I have worked for the Department of Education teaching kindergarten through third grade before starting my master’s degree at UPRM. I am currently a TA at Colegio. I started my master’s last spring. I teach INGL 3101 and INGL 3102 which are basic English courses. My topics of interest at the moment are English Education, and incorporating Sign Language in the ESL classroom.