Image used for the promotion of the course Movie Medievalism. The image shows a person being carried by two others.

Have you ever wondered what professors do in their research? Did you know that among our own English professors is the author of a book that discusses the medieval history interpretation in the contemporary film industry?

I’m referring to Dr. Nickolas Haydock, who wrote “Movie Medievalism: The imaginary Middle Ages.” His text analyses the portrayal of medievalism in popular films. In this book we find specific examples of medievalism in films like: First Knight, A Knights Tale, The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc, Kingdom of Heaven, King Arthur, Night Watch, and The Da Vinci Code. This book also investigates how movies have built and represented the image of the medieval times. It’s purpose is to “reframe the problem of historical accuracy in cine-medievalism.” The relevance of these topics are more than outstanding since, in today’s popular culture, games, TV shows and films, we find constant representations of these historical times.

He has also written other books, such as Situational Poetics in Robert Henryson’s: Testament of Cressid (2011) and Beowulf on film: Adaptations and Variations (2013 with E.L. Risden). He has  edited the essay collection: “Hollywood in the Holly Land” (2009). Also, he is working on a new book project and currently editing a book series for Cambria Press: Cambria Studies in Classicism, Orientalism, and Medievalism.

Not to forget, he is a full professor at our dear UPRM where he teaches courses like; Old and Middle English Literature, Literature of the English Renaissance, Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Literature, History of the English Language and more.

Dr. Haydock, wishes to continue to write for the years to come and get more professors involved in his projects. When asked what he thought his biggest achievement was, he simply answered: “To bring my knowledge and dedication to the classroom for my students.”