Promotion of the course INGL 6478: Old English.

Interested in traveling through time? This course will take you back to the early stages of the English language.

  • Learn to read and translate the writings of the Anglo-Saxons. You will leave this course with a specific skill.
  • Experience a student-centered approach to the acquisition of a historical language, with a focus on games, jokes, riddles, etc.
  • Read the fascinating “early novel” Apollonius of Tyre, OE Elegies like The Wanderer and explore the shape-shifting universe of The Riddles of the Exeter Book.
  • The course concludes with a consideration of Old English in contemporary English literature and cinema, focusing in particular on the mini-series The Last Kingdom and Paul Kingsnorth’s revolutionary new novel, The Wake, written in a “shadow tongue” of Old English, comprehensible to all modern readers.

This course will be offered by Dr. Nick Haydock in the 2017 Fall semester on Wednesdays from 6pm-8:45pm. Be sure to check it out!