The ETC team has installed computers in the classrooms with projectors: 324, 318, 319, and soon 005. These computers are up to date with Windows XP, Antivirus Software, and Office 2007, as well as Firefox (the browser I recommend for maximum compatibility in the Web). These computers are equipped with good speakers, and will soon be able to simultaneously project in its monitor and in the projector. In the meantime, you will have to manually switch from one to the other. There are instructions on or next to the computers. In order to access these computers, you need to login as “faculty,” and the password can be provided by Betsy, Gayle, Cathy Jorge, or Leo.

You will have access to the computer as administrators, which means you can download and install whatever programs you need. I do urge you to be judicious in the installation of software that can be aggressive in its use of the system, such as Messenger and other chat programs. We don’t want to burden other users with closing windows and applications that open automatically when they’re trying to get their presentations and/or classes started up. In the course of your classes, especially when there are presentations, you may also need to have students download presentations onto the computer or you may copy your own onto the desktop. This is fine and necessary, but clean up after yourself–that is, delete everything in order to leave a clean, uncluttered desktop on the computers. Do not use these computers for storage of important data. The ETC staff will be doing routine maintenance on these computers from time to time, which means we will be deleting files and uninstalling aggressive or undesirable applications.

As with any new equipment and setup, there may be glitches, questions, or troubleshooting to be done. Don’t hesitate to contact the ETC staff or myself for help, or at least report the problem (by e-mail or in person) so we can address the issue as soon as we can.


Original post by Leonardo Flores