Promotion of the course INGL 3279: Introduction to Poetry.

This series of courses taught by Dr. Leonardo Flores will develop your poetry reading and analytical skills while bringing you up to date on poetic movements during the past century. For best results, take the whole sequence.

  1. INGL 3279: Introduction to Poetry (Fall 2017) – Cultivate your critical vocabulary and skills while discovering the impact of orality, writing, print, audio recording, film, and digital media in the creation, publication, and reception of poetry.
  2. INGL 3325: Modern Poetry (Spring 2018) – Discover how poetry was transformed during the first half of the 20th century with innovations (such as free verse) that occurred in conversation with internationalization and avant garde artistic movements.
  3. INGL 6048: Poetry Since 1948 (Fall 2018) – This graduate course (available also to advanced undergraduate students) will be a historical exploration of poetry in the age of media. It will both cover and go beyond the canonical print-based narrative to examine how poets explored several media technologies to create and publish their poems.

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