At the Professional Graduate Honor Society (PGHS) our purpose is to create a holistic individual, who is empowered with professional development. Consecutively the individual shall learn about and acknowledge the importance of balancing personal and professional life.


We share a vision towards creating a link and feeling of community among every graduate department. Through this, a common ground will be formed as well as a resource center for all graduate students throughout campus.


Part of our mission at PGHS is to provide the necessary tools for students to become holistic individuals who acknowledge and put into practice all the imperative components such as: professional development, well-being, networking, and community outreach.

Furthermore, we strive towards arranging links between present and future opportunities for the English Department’s Graduate Students. This is done while keeping in mind all academic and social needs.


PGHS follows four principles, which are Professional Development, Well-being, Community Outreach, and Networking. Here is a brief list of past activities done in the association.

  • Professional Development Activities:
    • Workshops on PhD applications, personal statements, curriculum vitae, and how to prepare for comp exams.
  • Well-being:
    • Yoga nights.
  • Community Outreach:
    • Operation Christmas Child Puerto Rico
  • Networking:
    • President ceremony for Arts & Science, Meet & Greets.

If you have any questions and are interested in being a part of this graduate association, please contact Mr. Edcel Cintron, President of PGHS 2017-2018, at edcel.cintron@upr.edu