Graduate MA Candidate in English Education and INGL 3202 instructor, Karrieann Soto Vega, invites you and your students to attend a series of Reading Rock in PR workshops emphasizing the use of rock as a resource in literature-based composition courses. For her MAEE thesis research, Ms. Soto Vega is exploring the possibilities of incorporating rock music and videos as texts in the undergraduate classroom and in fostering literacy practices more generally.  This series will offer a unique opportunity for the academic community to engage with local artists involved with the production of rock music in Puerto Rico. The three-part series will involve presentations by two rock groups, Octavo Día (on October 6th) and Blindfold Drive (on October 10th), as well as the formal discussion and partial viewing of a recent documentary, La escena, about the punk scene in Puerto Rico with guest speaker and documentary producer Prof. Guillermo Gómez Álvarez (on October 8th). Each of the workshops will take place in the Anfiteatro Figueroa Chapel from 3:30-4:30. Feel free to distribute this flyer.

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