Drs. Judy Casey and Mary Sefranek are pleased to announce the students who will present at the 1st Annual Conference for UPRM Undergraduate and Graduate Students of English, English as a Field of Change and Flow: Contemporary Practices and Research in English Education, Literature, and Linguistics. After a blind review of their proposals by various members of the faculty of the Department of English, and critical feedback resulting in abstract revision and resubmission, the following students will represent our department on Saturday, February 21, 2009:

Emily R. Aguiló Perez

Zaira R. Arvelo Alicea

Wilmarie Cruz Franceschi

Sharon L. Díaz Ruíz

Jennifer Matos Ayala

Angel D. Matos Caro

María del Carmen Quintero Aguiló

Stella Ramírez

Jo.Alexis Robles Lugo

Raquel Salas-Rivera

Sandra Linnette Soto Santiago

Karrieann M. Soto Vega

Drs. Casey and Sefranek warmly thank all students who submitted proposals to the conference coordinating committee and the many faculty members who generously took time to respond to these.

Conference preparations are underway (promotional posters and postcards will soon be available for distribution and we strongly urge you to share these with your students and any other individuals and/or groups who may be interested in attending).

Our conference blog (http://blogs.uprm.edu/englishconference/) has been thoroughly updated and includes information on our keynote speaker, Dr. Maisha Fisher, our guest performers, The Rebel Poets, and Mr. Joseph Ubiles, coordinator and master teacher of the Power Writing Workshop that will occur as a component of the day’s events. Please review the blog information on pre-registering for the event ($5 payable with ATH or credit) and to explore video footage on the Rebel Poets, articles by Dr. Fisher, and other relevant event information. 8 hours of CEP professional development hours will be provided to all UPRM-based attendees and 8 hours of DECEP professional development will be provided to public school teachers.

We would also like to warmly thank our numerous faculty and student volunteers for supporting the conference with a heartfelt commitment of their time and enthusiasm.