Image promoting summer 2017 course offerings.

Here’s an updated version of the courses we hope to be offering this summer. All the courses have room for more students and need higher enrollment numbers to be assured, so if you’re interested in taking them you can enroll on July 7 (preferably in the morning).

Time Course Instructors Classroom
10:10-12:35 3321: Survey of English Literature I Nickolas Haydock CH-319
10:10-12:35 3236: Technical Writing Rosita L. Rivera CH-325
10:10-12:35 3201: Reading and Composition I Nancy Vicente CH-318
12:50-3:15 3238: Creative Writing Iris Toro CH-326
12:50-3:15 3345: Topics in Film TBA (Nickolas Haydock or José Irizarry) CH-319

Classes begin on July 8.