On Tuesday, November 22, 2016, the English Department took part in its Undergraduate Mixer where students and Advisors get together to discuss their future and how to enjoy the college track.  Dr. Nancy Vicente “Nanvan” is the current Department Associate Director, and part of her duties is to assign the current English Department students Advisors which are current members of the Departments faculty. In this mixer is discusses the courses students should take, from the institutional requirements to the core English Department courses.

The English department has two tracks Linguistics and Literature, we also have a Film Certificate  and Teacher Certification also a Minor in Writing and Communication. Students often wish to pursue these department opportunities yet do not know how to organize their curriculum and classes to truly utilize their time and opportunities.

Here is list of the English Department Advisors:

  • Dr. Jose Irizarry
  • Dr. Gayle Griggs
  • Dr. Roberto Lopez
  • Dr. Catherine Fleck
  • Dr. Iris Toro
  • Dr. Myrna Rivera
  • Professor Waleska Morciglio
  • Dr. Billy Woodall
  • Dr. Nancy V. Vicente