Mary Sefranek (left) and Leonardo Flores (right) posing for the camera.

Welcome to your new home at UPRM!

The English Department is currently home to about 200 undergraduate students, 50 graduate students, 30 tenured & tenure-track faculty, 8 adjunct faculty, and 3 administrative staff members. Our administration consists of the following:

  • Dr. Leonardo Flores, Interim Director, oversees the entire operation of the English Department.
  • Dr. Mary Sefranek, Interim Associate Director, is in charge of the undergraduate students and directs the Orientation Committee.
  • Ms. Katherine Jorge is the Department’s Administrative Assistant, in charge of service orders, contracts, etc.
  • Ms. Paulette Almodovar is the Department’s Secretary and she is your first point of contact for the Department.
  • Mr. Albert Cruz is the Language Lab Technician, and is in charge of all our labs, equipment, and technology.

The English Department uses a variety of tools to communicate with its students, faculty, community, and the world.

  • Website: This site has information on courses, curriculum, faculty, and other administrative matters.
  • Blog: Launched in 2007, this important part of the website is used to publish up to date information on course offerings, scholarship and internship opportunities, faculty profiles, news, and event coverage for our community. You can subscribe to our blog (which posts 1-2 time per week) with this link.
  • Mailing lists: The English Department has mailing lists for its different populations. This mailing list is used primarily for the faculty and administration to send important messages. Your UPR gmail account will be added automatically to our mailing list. Please check that e-mail and read our messages, which will strive to be both relevant and infrequent.
  • Social media: You can also follow our blog and other activities is via our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Please take the opportunity to connect to our information flows, which will help you connect to this community and will provide useful information to help you succeed at UPRM and beyond.

We are thrilled to have you join our community and look forward to getting to know you.