W-TESOL Collage Collage by Ivette Delgado

The 33rd Annual Western PR TESOL conference was held Saturday, April 10, 2010 at IAU Aguadilla campus.

Join us in congratulating our Graduate Students who participated in the session on Perspective and Research Regarding Language, Identity and Education. MAEE presenters were Ivette Delgado, Richard Diaz, Marylian Rivera, Nataly Rodriguez, Efrain Troche, Edward Contreras, Fiorelys Mendoza, Jessica Reyes, Kimberly Santiago, and Luzbella Paredes. MAEE students, Giselle Muñoz, Claudia Herbas, Lisa Ortiz, and Alexandra Túbens also attended the conference.

A big “Thank You” to Kevin Carroll for inspiring these young adults. Board member Mabel Ortiz also presented. The plenary speaker this year was Leo Flores. In attendance were Dr. Darnyd Ortiz, Rosita Rivera, and past president Roberto López.