Nestor Perez, PhD

Nestor Perez, PhD


Banerjee, Jayanta, Ph.D., Professor

Tribology and Manufacturing

Cáceres Valencia, Pablo, Ph.D., Professor

Materials Science and Engineering – Nanotechnology

Cancelos, Silvina, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Bubble Dynamics and Thermal Sciences

Jia, Yi, Ph.D., Professor

Mechanical Design

Just, Frederick, Ph.D., Professor

Material Science and Engineering; Material Health

Lugo, Jose, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Engineering Design Methods

Menegozzo, Marco, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Aerospace Engineering; Design Optimization

Perez, Nestor, Ph.D., Professor

Material Science; Metallurgy; Fracture Mechanics

Quintero, Pedro, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Micro-scale Engineering; Microelectronics & Electronics Packaging

Resto Irizarry, Pedro, Ph.D., Associate Professor

BioMEMS; Micromanufacturing; Biosensing; Microfluidics

Valentín, Rick, Ph.D., Professor

Computer Aided Design; Computer Aided Engineering

Collaborating Faculty from other Departments

Ubaldo Cordova, Ph.D., Professor

Collaborating Professor, Chemical Engineering