Course Offerings


Undergraduate students can meet their 12 credit English requirement by completing one of the following course sequences:

Undergraduate Course Offerings:

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INGL 3057 Media Literacy
INGL 3225 Introduction to Linguistics
INGL 3227 Phonetics of English
INGL 3231 Expository Writing
INGL 3236 Technical Report Writing
INGL 3238 Creative Writing
INGL 3250 Public Speaking
INGL 3268 Writing for the Media
INGL 3277 Introduction to Literature: The Novel
INGL 3279 Introduction to Literature: Poetry
INGL 3296 World Englishes
INGL 3300 Studies in Literature and Language
INGL 3305 Modern American Literature
INGL 3306 Modern British Literature
INGL 3312 The Novel in English Literature
INGL 3317 The Novel in American Literature
INGL 3318 Literature of the English Speaking Caribbean
INGL 3321 English Literature to 1798
INGL 3322 English Literature from 1798 to Modern Period
INGL 3323 Modern Drama in English since 1890
INGL 3325 Modern Poetry
INGL 3326 Literature of Minority in the United States
INGL 3345 Topics in Cinema
INGL 3351 American Literature to 1860
INGL 3352 American Literature from 1860 to Modern Period
INGL 4000 English Literature of the 17th Century
INGL 4009 Literature of the English Renaissance
INGL 4017 The Romantic Movement
INGL 4025 Shakespeare
INGL 4026 Sociolinguistics
INGL 4027 Old and Middle English Literature
INGL 4028 Research and Writing in Language and Linguistics
INGL 4030 Research and Writing in Literature
INGL 4047 English Phonology
INGL 4075 Psycholinguistics
INGL 4095 The Victorian Period
INGL 4108 Advanced Technical Communication
INGL 4125 Introduction to Semantics
INGL 4205 Morphology and Syntax


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