Upcoming Events
  • Upcoming events

    1. Abril 28 2022 Talk: Entrepreneurship in the Engineering Field (10:30 am – 12:00 am )
    2. May 3 2022 Closure Activity

Virtual Webinars

Workshop: Leadership
Talk: ePearls Scholars Scholarship
Talk: Resiliency
Workshop: Online Networking tools and tips
Panel: Academic Honesty in Times of Crisis
Pearls Student Recognition Activity Fall 2020
Workshop: Responsible and Appropriate Conduct of Research
Talk: Ethics in the Industry
Semester closing activity Spring 2021
Seminar: Considering Graduate Studies as Your Next Goal?
Talk: Engineering Licensure; Laws, Processes, and Preparation
Workshop: Transition from University to the Workplace and Graduate School
Workshop: Coping and Stress Management
Panel: Tips for the Workplace and Graduate School
Talk: Attitude, Passion and Failure Pillars of Entrepreneurship