Our English Department here at the UPRM took time on Thursday April 25th, to once again celebrate the academic excellence of its students. The semester may have had its ups and downs but with hard work, determination and grit these students made it onto honor roll.
The criteria for honor roll include:
  1. completion of at least one year at the UPRM,
  2. at least a 3.30 GPA in all 3000 or higher level courses by the end of the second semester of the academic year prior to the granting the award
  3. status as a regular student during the academic year prior to the granting of the award, or a student registered in the last and only courses required to complete the degree
  4. No D or F grades in the previous academic year
  5. No withdrawals from courses in the academic year preceding the granting of the award
  6. No sanctions for disciplinary reasons.
So on part of the English department, the students were received with words of wisdom and congratulations by the Department Director Leonardo Flores, Professor Rosa Roman, and Professor Jose Irizarry. Of course they also had the support of multiple other members of faculty cheering them on from the audience.
So without further adieu, the Honor Roll Students of the 2018-2019 Academic Year:

A group photo of all the Honor Roll students that attended the event.

A Picture of the host standing together.

Cristian Rosario

Gabrielle M Armstrong Velazquez

Shasteny P Cabrera Roldan

Cristal M Cortes Soto

Gabriela C Berrios Nieves

Valeria N Aguirre Mercado

Camila N Aldebol Ruiz

Adriana I Font Molina

Jose J Alvarez Retamales

Melissa Fuentes Beniquez

Keysalis Joan

Daniel Andres Vazquez Carlos

Kiara D Lugo Carrero

Camille Padilla Diffoot

Angelique M Matos Sanabria

Marina D Lorenzana Abreu

Ada M Rios Rivera



Amana Kristina Muniz Ruiz

Anjelica M Garcia Feliciano

Gabriela Ruiz Irizarry

Wesley J Espada Quiles

Emiliy M Silva Brenes

Tatiana M Taylor Cruz

Lourdes V Rosado Rivera

Rosa Roman begging the event.

   Luisian M Vazquez Ramos

Leonardo Flores giving a speech to the Honor Roll Students.

Christopher Altiery Gonzalez

Michelle Rosario Morales

Amarilis Yera Lopez

Andrea E Valentin Cintron

Merissa Vasquez Gonzalez

Cristina Marie Rivera Garcia

Angel G Trabal Gracia

Yadairis M Perez Rivera

Claudia S Rodriguez Asad

Sebastian Collazo Ramos

Alondra D Quinonez Flores

Jossian L. Hernández Cardona






Pedro Moreu Vicente

Jennifer Mojica Santana

Walfreddy F Castillo Ulloa

Yadeiliz Mari

Geysha C Rodriguez Franqui

Ambar Aymara Pumarada Gamboa

Jaime A Colon Lopez


Congratulations! We hope to see you and many more at next years event!