Image used for the promotion of the course Introduction to Poetry. A type writer is presented with an iPad connected to the top, a red telephone, a microphone, and macbook and an old disk player.

This Fall 2015 semester Dr. Leonardo Flores will teach three courses, all of which inform digital studies in different ways: Cyberpunk Cinema is a film course that engages the digital thematically while developing a critical vocabulary to analyze cinema. Introduction to Poetry will show how the most intense use of language is shaped by embodied, physical, and digital materials. Digital Humanities Internship will offer 6 students the chance to collaborate in his projects, developing valuable 21st century digital technology skills.

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Cyberpunk Cinema

blade-runner-2-movieINGL 3345: Topics in Film
Section 036
T, Th 9:00 – 10:20

Learn the language of film in a course focused on science fiction post-industrial dystopias, in which the lines between human and machine, real and virtual are blurred.

Introduction to Poetry

retrofuturistINGL 3279, Section 030
MWF 9:30 – 10:20 am

Discover the effect of technology and materiality in the creation of poetry: orality, writing, print, audio recording, film, and digital media.


Digital Humanities Internship

Image Source: 3995, Sec. 001#
Meet 1.5 hours/week (TBA), work on your own 7.5 hours/week.

This internship will provide hands-on work experience on several Digital Humanities projects I am currently developing, primarily I ♥ E-Poetry, the Electronic Literature Collection, Volume 3, and the English Department Website. The work will involve journalism, translation, describing born-digital materials, developing Web resources using open-source software (such as WordPress), preparing data sets for creative and critical projects, creating brochures, posters, presentations for outreach activities, analyzing works of electronic literature, and related Digital Humanities work.

Enrollment by invitation only. Contact Dr. Flores if interested in enrolling.