The Department of English inaugurated an exciting new graduate program in January 2022: a Master of Arts in English Literatures (MAEL) with offerings in British, American, Anglophone Caribbean, British Post-Colonial, and Puerto Rican Literatures in English.

This program promotes a thorough knowledge of the periods, movements, and genres of the diverse literatures in English in their respective contexts, giving students:

    • a foundation in a wide range of English literatures that would enable them to contextualize and analyze specific literary texts
    • content and contextual knowledge of an extensive variety of literatures in English with the opportunity to be grounded in literatures from the earliest times to the present
    • content and contextual knowledge of a more specialized field in English Literature
    • competence in the application of literary theory
    • mastery over oral and written English
    • the training to present their research in public at professional conferences or symposia
    • knowledge required to teach literature at the University level

Students are required to take two core courses (Ingl. 5015 English and American Literary Criticism and Ingl. 6605 Research Methods in Literature) and courses in at least five out of six periods.  They have the option of writing a Thesis or taking a Comprehensive Exam.

A wide variety of opportunities awaits graduates of such a program:

(i) Employment in:

    • Public and private schools
    • Institutions of higher learning
    • Other professions that need adept users of the English language

(ii) Graduates of this program may also apply to doctoral or graduate programs in a variety of fields:

    • English Literature
    • Comparative Literature
    • Literary Theory
    • Cultural Studies
    • Film
    • Media
    • Law

Please direct any questions regarding the MAEL Program to Dr. Nandita Batra (

Please see:

Admission to the MAEL

MAEL Graduate Handbook

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UPRM MAEL Manual of Thesis Guidelines

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