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This post offers information on three resources available to our students and faculty for collaboration and research.

English 4998: Supervised Research in English

This new course allows faculty to design a series of research activities for one or several students to participate in.

  • The research interest can arise from a student wishing to do research with a faculty member or the faculty member inviting one or several students to participate in a research project.
  • This three credit course qualifies as a professional elective in English.
  • To offer this course, the faculty member and student(s) develop a short syllabus for the course and bring it in to the Director for approval and to create a section.
  • During the registration period, the Director creates the course and enrolls the student(s).

Unpaid Internships at UPRM

One way to have an internship experience is for a faculty member to create an internship experience using the INTD 4995 course.

  • This would allow you to dedicate up to 9 hours per week to working on project(s) with your professor, in exchange for a valuable work experience and a grade.
  • The activities need to be enriching educational experiences, such as helping with research, doing editorial work, writing, etc.
  • For an example, see Leonardo Flores’ Digital Humanities Internship course, which he has offered every semester since Fall 2013 and has been the engine behind projects like I Love E-Poetry, The Electronic Literature Collection, Volume 3, and the English Department Website.
  • Faculty interested in creating such an experience for students can write to the Director with a brief job description for the internship, including assignments and criteria for evaluation.