CeIBA is a research center dedicated to the study of language and learning in Puerto Rico. The intersections of language and education in Puerto Rico are a highly politicized, contested, and dynamic area of investigation that offers endless opportunities for interdisciplinary study. CeIBA’s goal is to serve as a nexus where researchers from diverse fields such as linguistics, education, cultural studies, history, anthropology, and sociology can collaborate, share resources, train students, and learn from each other in the process of investigating language and learning in Puerto Rico with the purpose of improving language learning for Puerto Rican students at all levels of education.

The primary objectives of the center are the following:

  1. to create and support a community of scholars working on issues related to language and education in Puerto Rico;
  2. to promote student-centered undergraduate and graduate research on language and education;
  3. to facilitate fieldwork and interdisciplinary research projects;
  4. to serve as a clearinghouse for research on language and education in Puerto Rico;
  5. to provide empirically grounded resources to policy makers to aid in language and education decision making matters.

Dr. Catherine M. Mazak, Co-Director
Email: catherine.mazak@upr.edu

Dr. Rosita L. Rivera, Co-Director
Email: rosita.rivera1@upr.edu