The iconic title of the movie The Rocky Horror Picture Show in its memorable dripping front over a red background.

In case you missed the event of the year (not kidding), here are some highlights.

The performance of the Rocky Horror Picture Show has become a tradition at UPRM, and because of its ongoing success had two performances on different nights, November 9 and 10th, with both shows starting at 6:00 pm. This year’s show had four organizations came together to make this event possible: PCSA, EDSA, TeatRUM and Cinematheque, and they certainly made both nights ones to remember.

Here’s what happened:

  • The Games: The Virgin Games, a Rocky Horror Picture Show tradition at the UPRM, set the mood for the night. People were picked from the audience and were asked to play against each other in these games in the most funny yet sexy ways.
  • The Movie: The original 1975 musical played in the background, but was rarely the only thing on stage. For those of you who have never seen the movie, it is musical horror-comedy following the newly engaged, and very naive, Brad and Janet. They get lost on a dark, stormy night and find themselves trespassing into a castle, home of the “sweet transvestite” Dr. Frank N. Furter is holding a convention. Once they enter the castle their lives were forever .
  • The Cast: Not only was the movie playing in the background, the actors performed most of the film’s scenes and the most famous songs from the movie. They were definitely committed to their characters seeing as the dancing and lip-singing were on point. Let us not forget the flawless portrayal of Dr. Frank N. Furter by Gabriel Acevedo, who stole the night and made everyone laugh with delight and shiver with antici…pation. Also, PCSA’s very own president, Ivette López gave an unforgettable performance as Janet Weiss across Fernando Rivera’s  interpretation of Brad Majors. The groupies and supporting cast members made all the difference and gave audience members what they wanted with surprises at every turn. What a night!

If you missed it this year make sure not to miss it again, or you will most certainly regret it.

You can watch the teaser trailer here.