Cast member for the student presented play of The Rocky Horror Picture show breaking the fourth wall while acting in the rows of the spectators.

 The Rocky Horror Picture Show LIVE on Tuesday, October 28, held at the Ramon Figueroa Chapel amphitheater was a full house and more, leaving out about half of the crowd that was waiting in line that went all the way around the building.  The amphitheater seats 364 people, and this was filled instantly, having people lining up almost two hours before the show, eager to experience a real Rocky Horror performance.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a 1975 musical comedy horror directed by Jim Sharman, with screenplay and music by Richard O’Brien, that satirizes science fiction and B movies of the 1930s.  It was relatively unpopular until 1976, when a New York City audience decided to dress up and act out the film in front of a midnight showing. Since then, this has become a tradition, and the film has gained a large cult following.

The UPRM production is well-known on the island, and on this night received viewers from far away towns such as Arecibo and San Juan. This production was started by Cinematheque in 2011, renewed by EDSA in 2013, and this year was made a collaboration between Cinematheque, EDSA, and TeatRUM, making it bigger than ever, and resulting in effective promotion that evidently reached farther than the university itself.

The main cast this year included Gabriel Acevedo as Dr. Frank-N-Furter, Fernando Rivera as Brad Majors, Dalina Aimee Perdomo as Janet Weiss, Jonathan Negron as Riff Raff, Irmary Rodriguez as Magenta, Keishly Hernandez as Columbia, Gustaf Velazquez as Rocky, and Joshua Rivera as Eddie. Their performances were well-received by the audience, and the interaction was highly energetic from start to finish. We congratulate them and the director of this production, Angel Perez, for such a successful production.

If you missed out on the show, don’t worry. Due to popular demand an encore will be scheduled for the following week, so you still have a chance to give yourself over to absolute pleasure.

You can check out all photos of the show in this photo album on the EDSA Facebook page . Below are official photos of the production.

Photo credit: Fran Casillas