Do you need to take English Courses this Summer session or Fall semester? Then this guide is for you!

Students Completing General Education English Courses

  • See the General Education English Sequences to know which courses you can take to fulfill your institutional requirements for English.
  • Reminders:
    • Basic English (3101-3102) leads to Reading and Composition (3201-3202/3209/3289) NOT to Intermediate English.
    • Intermediate English (3103-3104) leads to electives in English (listed in the link above) NOT to Advanced English.
    • Advanced English (3211-3212) fulfills your institutional English requirements, but are NOT equivalent to electives in English.
    • Please be clear about what sequence you’re in and satisfy those requirements to avoid graduation delays later.
  • You can take a look at the Fall schedule here, keeping in mind that the document is color coded for English Department Students.
  • Here is the Summer schedule.

BA in English Students

MAEE Students

  • Consult the Graduate Course Requirements and discuss them with your advisor to decide which courses to enroll in and when.
  • Consult the 2019-2024 Scheduling Plan to know when we will offer the courses you need to take for the Literature and Linguistics Tracks and for the Minor in Writing and Communication. (NEW!)
  • Here’s the Fall 2018 schedule, color coded for your convenience.
  • Here’s the Summer schedule.
  • For course promos on some of the courses, check out the courses category in our blog.
  • If you’re planning to do an Independent Research (INGL 6995), please remember to have the professor submit a brief syllabus that describes the research activities and how you will be evaluated.
  • For registration, meet with Dr. Leonardo Flores in the English Department anytime during the registration period.