The Department of Mathematics offers three programs leading to the Bachelor of Science degree: Pure Mathematics, Computer Science, and Mathematics Education. The Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics provides a solid preparation for students, enabling them to follow careers in industry, in government, in the field of education, or to pursue graduate studies.
Courses in Computer Science are frequently updated to keep pace with this rapidly changing field. Statistics is emerging as an important component of the Department and a growing number of courses in this field are also available.

Advanced placement tests may be used to obtain credit for one or more of the following courses: MATE 3005, MATE 3086, MATE 3171, MATE 3172, and MATE 3031.

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics:

Pure Mathematics

This program is designed for students who plan to pursue graduate studies in the mathematical sciences. A strong foundation in Analysis and Algebra can be complemented with electives in Geometry and Number Theory to provide a well-rounded curriculum. The electives can also be directed toward Applied Mathematics, Differential Equations, and Statistics.

Computer Science

In this program, students are provided with a background in Calculus and Algebra, and a strong concentration in Computer Science. Electives can be directed toward Programming, Computer Science, Simulation, and Numerical Analysis.

Math Education

Our students taking the education option are trained to become mathematics teachers. The students with additional courses in education (EDES 4006 and EDFU 3129) and History (HIST 3214 or HIST 3242 and HIST 3111 or HIST 3112) as free electives can obtain their teachers’ license from the Puerto Rico Department of Education.