Mathematical Olympiads
of Puerto Rico



  • Local competition and selection process
  • Participation in international mathematics Olympics CENTRO, IBERO and IMO.
  • All students from 4th to 12th grade are invited to participate.

Bebras PR

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  • International initiative whose objective is to promote computer science and computational thinking among school students of all ages.
  • Computational thinking involves the use of a set of problem-solving skills and techniques used to write programs and applications.


Academic seminars and conferences, offered by professional guests for members of our department.



Topics for these colloquiums include:

  • Statistics
  • Scientific Computing
  • Computer Science
  • Pure and applied mathematics
  • Math education

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An automatic assessment system for math & sciences



WeBWorK is an on-line homework system for delivering individualized homework problems over the web. It gives students instant feedback as to whether or not their answers are correct.

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Deformations of rotating disks and spheres under self gravitation

Abstract: The problem of determining the configuration of a rotating self-gravitating mass distribution is an old one, dating back to the time of Newton itself. Most work to date has been for the case of a fluid, like a star, in which the density, velocity, and gravitational potential are the unknowns. The “advantage” in this…


Visual Proofs

Abstract: Visualization is fundamental to mathematics. The late Fields Medalist Bill Thurston began practicing visualization every day as a first grader. We will practice our visualization and will present visual proofs from combinatorics, analysis, geometry, and topology. Important questions arise including: are visual proofs rigorous? Virtual meeting link


Identifying Outliers in Radio Astronomy Data Using the Generalized Spectral Kurtosis Estimator

Abstract: As innovation and technologies associated with man-made transmissions progress, complex and new challenges emerge in radio astronomy due to Radio Frequency Interference (RFI). Hence, novel development of software and hardware to detect and mitigate its effects on scientific data are paramount. In this talk we will discuss the successful implementation of the Generalized Spectral…


Dynamics Beyond Spacetime

Abstract Many high-energy theoretical physicists say that “spacetime is doomed,” that spacetime is not fundamental because it has no operational meaning beyond the Planck scale. In the last decade they have found structures beyond spacetime, such as decorated permutations, which predict the amplitudes for scattering processes of particles in spacetime. We show that decorated permutations…


INFOMATE Semestre de Otoño 2023

MODALIDAD: A DISTANCIA. Para matricula y pago visite: https://www.uprm.edu/math/services/infomate/ Secciones disponibles: Sección 001: 4 de octubre al 29 de noviembre de 2023, Lunes y Miercoles, de 4:30-6:30 pm (Horario sujeto a cambios. A ser informados por el Instructor) Sección 002: 5 de octubre al 30 de noviembre de 2023, Martes y Jueves, de 4:30-6:30 pm…


Computable Finite Factorization Domains

Defensa de tesis de Geraldo Enrique Soto Rosa, estudiante de maestría en Matemática Pura del departamento de Ciencias Matemáticas. Dirigida por el Dr. Victor A. Ocasio González. Sera presentada el 5 de mayo de 2023, a las 11:30am, dentro de la biblioteca del Recinto en el GRIC.