Mathematical Olympiads
of Puerto Rico



  • Local competition and selection process
  • Participation in international mathematics Olympics CENTRO, IBERO and IMO.
  • All students from 4th to 12th grade are invited to participate.


Academic seminars and conferences, offered by professional guests for members of our department.



Topics for these colloquiums include:

  • Statistics
  • Scientific Computing
  • Computer Science
  • Pure and applied mathematics
  • Math education

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Copa Eugene Francis



Una competencia dirigida a las escuelas secundarias de Puerto Rico. ¡Esta es tu oportunidad de brillar y llevar a tu escuela hacia la victoria! ¡Inscríbete ahora y demuestra tu destreza en matemáticas!

Bulletin board

Actividad Pre-Graduación a estudiantes sub-graduados y graduados

Invitación de pre-graduación El Dr. Omar Colón, Director del Departamento de Ciencias Matemáticas, invita a todos sus miembros a la actividad Pre-Graduación a los estudiantes subgraduados y graduados de nuestro Departamento que completarán sus estudios en Mayo 2024. Para el Departamento es importante reconocer el esfuerzo de cada uno de ellos a través de sus…


Local Programming Contest

This contest is an opportunity for students to showcase their skills and compete against their peers. Participants are welcome to compete individually or in pairs. All majors are welcome. Food and refreshments will be served on a first-come first-served basis. April 25,2024 4:30pm RSVP Here! Winners will be sponsored travel expenses for local competition at…


Job Announcement – núm. 24-31 – Assistant Professor / Convocatoria – Catedrático (a) Auxiliar

INTRODUCTION: The University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus, is currently seeking candidates for the position of Assistant Professor in mathematics. MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: Applicant must hold a doctoral degree or its equivalent in pure mathematics, applied mathematics, educational mathematics, statistics, or computer science by date of hire. JOB DESCRIPTION AND DUTIES: Applicants must have a strong…


Reopening Job Announcement – núm. 23-07 – Assistant Professor / Reapertura Convocatoria – Catedrático (a) Auxiliar

INTRODUCTION: The University of Puerto Rico in Mayagüez is currently looking for candidates to teach Applied Mathematics, with knowledge in Partial Differential Equations, or Mathematical Education, with a strong component in mathematics. MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: Possess a doctoral degree in Mathematics, or the expectation of its completion before the start of the appointment. Special consideration will…


INFOMATE Segundo Semestre 2023-2024

El INFOMATE es un repaso intensivo de los temas del Examen Diagnóstico, que coordina y ofrece el Departamento de Ciencias Matemáticas del RUM a los estudiantes que deban cumplir con el prerrequisito del Examen Diagnóstico (Certificación 99-15). El INFOMATE se recomienda fuertemente a aquellos estudiantes que no aprueben el Examen Diagnóstico, así como a aquellos…


The Students’ Eyes Lens to Inform Our Math Teaching

Abstract In this talk we explore the teaching of mathematics through the students’ eyes (Miller, 2010), a framework to guide teachers to become critically reflective. We present two research projects where we acknowledge our students’ perceptions and experiences as tools for teaching mathematics. The first project examines the experience of a group of 15 teachers…


Abre el Centro de Apoyo

Mañana miércoles 24 de enero de 2024 comienza el centro de apoyo de Precálculo. Este semestre contamos con cerca de 50 tutores.