Graduate Programs

The Department of Mathematical Sciences is strongly committed to graduate education and research, and offers programs of study leading to both the Master in Science, M.S., and the doctor of philosophy, Ph.D., degrees. Its programs are designed to prepare students for mathematics careers in the academic and industrial sectors. Our department offers five graduate programs at the Master Level:

Master of Science in Pure Mathematics
Master of Science in Applied Mathematics
Master of Science in Mathematical Statistics
Master of Science in Teaching Mathematics at Secondary Level
Master of Science in Scientific Computing
Ph.D. Program in Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE)

Financial Support

The financial support usually covers tuition and a stipend. The most common forms of financial support offered by the Department of Mathematics are:

Teaching Assistantship (T.A.): Typically this position requires the student to teach two elementary math courses such as pre-calculus or to assist in a computer laboratory. Due to the small number of teaching positions these positions are offered on a competitive basis. In order to maintain this position the student must maintain a minimum Graduate Point Average, or GPA, of 3.0 on a 4.0 point scale; moreover the student must perform all his assigned duties, i.e. proctor and grade exams, attend meetings and colloquia, and keep office hours. If the student is unable to meet these requirements the assistantship can be withdrawn at any time. A student in good standing will be supported for a maximum of 4 semesters and in some special circumstances a fifth semester of support could be offered.

Research Assistantship (R.A): This position is offered by certain professors through their own grants. Requirements and guidelines are specified by each such professor. Student should contact faculty that he/she might be interested to work with to explore the possibility of obtaining this type of financial support.

Important: foreign students should keep in mind that although the assistantships (if offered) covers tuition and stipend, he should have some economical resources upon his arrival in order to cover some expenses such as:

Mandatory medical insurance (approx $ 300.00 per semester)
Housing and food for a month (approx $ 400.00 )
Books (approx $ 150.00 per semester)

Important: More admission requirements go to the following link