January - May, 2023

Dr. Felix GottiMITAtomicity and the Ascending Chain Condition on Principal IdealsFeb 22-2023
Dr. Irena SwansonPurduePrimary decompositionsFeb 23-2023
Dr. Ayman BadawiAmerican University of SharjahAbsorbing Ideals in Commutative Rings: A SurveyFeb 24-2023
Dr. Manos PapadakisBates CollegeFourier analysis methods in era of AIMar 14-2023
Dr. Álvaro Lozano-RobledoUniversidad de ConnecticutUna demostración corta de el último teorema de Fermat (para polinomios no constantes!)Mar-16-2023
Dr. Andreas MangUniversity of HoustonNumerical methods for PDE-constrained optimization problems governed by hyperbolic equationsMar-28-2023
Dr. Erwin SuazoUniversity of Texas, Rio Grande ValleyProbabilistic solutions of fractional differential and partial differential equations and their Monte Carlo simulationsApr-03-2023
Dr. Luis F CáceresUniversity of Puerto RIco, Mayaguez De la maestría en UPRM al doctorado en U.S.A.Apr-20-2023
Dr. Ken OnoUniversity of VirginiaWhat is the Riemann hypothesis, and why does it matter?May-02-2023
Dr. Ken OnoUniversity of VirginiaNew results in arithmetic statistics?May-04-2023

August - December, 2022

NameInstitutionTitleDay and time
Dr. Maurice RojasTexas A&MCounting Real Roots of "Fewnominals"Nov-10
Dr. Luis E. MedinaUPR-Rio PiedrasA characterization of k-rotations Boolean FunctionsNov-17
Dr. Deepam PatelPurdue UniversityEnriched Hodge StructuresNov-22
Dr. Matthew JungeBaruch CollegeBallistic AnnihilationDic-06
Dra. Hortensia SotoColorado Statue UniversityEmbodied Cognition: What is it? How does it Involve Mathematics?Dic-08


January - May, 2022

NameInstitutionTitleDay and Time
Dr. Anna Zamojska-DzienioWarsaw University of TechnologyApplication of algebra to Knot TheoryFebruary 24
Dr. Sebastian HurtadoUniversity of ChicagoEspacios Simetricos y ReticulasFebruary 25
Dr. Fernando PerezUC, BerkeleyJupyter: tools for open interactive computing across disciplinesFebruary 26
Dr. David MattesonCornell UniversityDrift vs Shift: Decoupling Trends and Changepoint AnalysisFebruary 26
Dr. Anna Zamojska-DzienicWarsaw University of TechnologyNew approach for solving Yang-Baxter equationMarch 8
Dr. Irena SwansonPurdue UniversityComputing in AlgebraMarch 17
Dr. Lev SteinbergUniversity of Puerto Rico, MayaguezCosserat Plate TheoryApril 21
Dr. Victor OcasioUniversity of Puerto Rico, MayaguezTBAApril 28

August - December, 2021

NameInstitutionTitleDay and Time
Dr. Po-Shen LohCarnegie Mellon University A New Approach for Fighting Infectious Disease, Combining Game Theory and Network Theory September 23
Dr. Maria Magdalena Boureanu University of Craiova, Romania Higher-order problems with variable exponentsSeptember 30
Dr. Erika Camacho Arizona State University The Role of RdCVFL in a Mathematical Model of Photoreceptor InteractionsOctober 14
Dr. Alejandro Velez University of Puerto Rico, MayaguezAnalysis and Partial Differential Equations over 3D Koch-type Fractal CrystalsOctober 28
Dr. Paolo Mantero University of Arkansas Symbolic powers of ideals, interpolation and related problemsNovember 18
Dr. Alexander Diaz-Lopez Villa Nova University Arithmetical Structures on GraphsDecember 2

January - May, 2021

NameInstitution Title Day and Time
Dr. Harry F. Oviedo LeonCIMAT Adaptive scaled gradient methods for Optimization on the Stiefel ManifoldFebruary 4
Dr. Israel Almodovar University of Puerto Rico, Ciencias MedicasKernel-estimated Nonparametric Overlap-Based Syncytial ClusteringFebruary 11
Dr. Jairo A. Ayala Universidad del Caribe Eliminación automática del músculo pectoral en mamografías según sus características anatómicasFebruary 16
Mr. Anuj Bajaj Wayne State University Solving a continuous multifacility location problem by DC algorithmsFebruary 18
Dr. Alcibiades Bustillo University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez A New Family of 3D WatermarksFebruary 23
Dr. Anderson Vera University of Strasbourg Quantum Invariants of 3-manifolds and the mapping class groupFebruary 25
Dr. Brandilyn. Stigler Southern Methodist University Algebraic Methods for Biological Data ScienceMarch 4
Dr. Diego Villamizar Tulane University Properties of extensions of the classical derangementsMarch 9
Sr. Jonathan Lopez NC State, Raleigh Their Voices, Their Lived Experiences and What Influence Them: A Mixed Methods Study on Students’ Perceptions of Required General Education MathematicsMarch 11
Dr. Edwin Flórez Universidad Politecnica Mini-servidores en Raspberry Pi con Webwork para las escuelas de difícil acceso a InternetMarch 18
Dr. Isabel Besembel University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Desarrollo de software OO guiado por modelos en UML 2.5April 8

Spring 2020

NameInstitution Title Day
Dr. John FeoPacific Northwest Laboratory Data Analytics at ScaleFebruary 6
Dr. Francisco Brana AVEVA Group Leveraging your education, curiosity and initiative in a increasingly digital WorldFebruary 20
Dr. Gideon Zamba University of Iowa Learn about Biostatistics- the application of Statistics in biological and public health problems!March 5

Fall 2019

NameInstitution Title Day
Dra. Maytee Cruz University of Puerto Rico, Cayey Modelos de Enfermedades de Transmision SexualSeptember 26
Dr. Alejandro Velez University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Fine regularity for the Robin problem over irregular domainsOctober 10
Dr. Roberto Rivera University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Atomic Level Structural Dynamics in CatalystsOctober 29
Dr. Pablo Negron University of Puerto Rico, Humacao Chaotic dynamics of a three particle array under Lennard--Jones type forces and a fixed area constraintNovember 7
Srta. Maria Sanchez University of MinesotaMechanisms and management of litter-mediated hysteresis in enriched grasslandsDecember 2
Dr. Raul Machiavelli University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Seed rain along a gradient of degradation in a Caribbean dry forest: Fitting a generalized linear mixed model to analyze large countsDecember 3

Spring 2017

NameInstitution Title Day
Dr. Michel L. Lapidus UC-Riverside Can One Hear the Shape of Fractal Drum?March 2

Fall 2016

NameInstitutionTitle Day
Dra. Marggie Gonzalez University of Puerto Rico, MayaguezEl uso de tecnología en la enseñanza de las matemáticas en el nivel secundarioSeptember 15
Dra. Dorothy Bollman University of Puerto Rico, MayaguezDetermining steady state behaviour of discrete monomial dynamical systemsOctober 6
Dr. Rafael Martinez University of Puerto Rico, MayaguezEl entendimiento de los estudiantes del calculo diferencial de las funciones de 2 variablesOctober 11
Dra. Maytee Cruz University of Puerto Rico, CayeyKolmogorov Equations Applied to a SIS coupled Epidemiological ModelOctober 18
Dr. Alejandro Velez University of Puerto Rico, MayaguezVariable exponent differential equations with dynamical boundary conditionsOctober 27
Dra. Karen Rios University of Puerto Rico, MayaguezModelling Coral Reef Response to Destructive Fishing Practices with Predator-Prey Interactions November 3
Dr. Pablo Negron University of Puerto Rico, HumacaoThe repulsion property in nonlinear elasticity and a numerical scheme to circumvent itNovember 15

Spring 2015

NameInstitution TitleDay
Dr. Russell Miller City University of New York Computability Theory at Work: Factoring Polynomials and Finding RootsFebruary 17
Dr. Alejandro Aceves Southern Methodist University Quantum Mechanics and photonics crossing paths: the study of Parity-Time (PT) symmetric systemsFebruary 24
Profa. Mary E. Falk de Losada Universidad Antonio Narino Esta cambiando la forma en que se hace matematicas y la matematica que se hace como resultado de las olimpiadas de matematicas?February 26
Dr. Frank Morgan Williams College Optimal TilingsFebruary 26
Dr. Hector Salas University of Puerto Rico, MayaguezContinuous Transformations on Banach SpacesMarch 17
Dra. Ivelisse Rubio University of Puerto Rico, Rio PiedrasApplications of the covering method for computing p-divisibility of exponential sumsMarch 26
Dra. Karen Rios-Soto University of Puerto Rico, MayaguezOn the estimation of epidemiological parameters: dengue fever in PR as an exampleApril 16
Dr. Edgar Acuna University of Puerto Rico, MayaguezStatistics, Data Mining, Big Data Analytics, And Data Science: more than a play of namesMay 7

Fall 2014

Name InstitutionTitleDay
Dr. Arturo Portnoy University of Puerto Rico, MayaguezWeBWorK: un sistema de pruebas electronicas: gratuito, abierto y endosado por el MAAOctober 2
Dr. Roberto Rivera University of Puerto Rico, MayaguezA Dynamic Linear Model to Forecast Number of Hotel Rooms Occupied in Puerto Rico Using Google Trends Search Query Data October 21
Dr. Remi Megret University of Puerto Rico, MayaguezComputer vision for wearable video sensors: from stochastic filtering theory to applications in activity monitoringOctober 23
Dr. Victor Ocasio University of Puerto Rico, MayaguezDetermining the computational complexity of an isomorphismNovember 6
Dr.Stan Dziobiak University of Puerto Rico, MayaguezON EXCLUDED MINORS IN GRAPHSNovember 20
Dra. Eva Petkova New York University Personalized Medicine and Generated Effect ModifiersDecember 4
Dr. Erwin Suazo University of Puerto Rico, MayaguezNonlinear evolution equations: Explicit solutions, transformations and its applications to Physics and BiologyDecember 9

Spring 2014

Name Institution Title Day
Dr. Akihiro Nakatani Osaka UniversityDisclination Plasticity Modeling for Microscopic StructureJanuary 10
Dr. Angel Lopez University of Puerto Rico, MayaguezA Higgs Particle Theory PrimerFebruary 11
Dra. Damaris Santana University of Puerto Rico, MayaguezBayesian analysis of a linear mixed model to measure the impact of climate change on the yield of common bean for the year 2030 worldwide.February 25
Dr. James Yorke University of Maryland The Many Facets of Chaos February 27
Dr. Micah Leamer University of Puerto Rico, MayaguezTorsion and Tensor products over commutative domains March 18
Dr. Mario Marazzi-Santiago Instituto de Estadisticas de Puerto Rico Transparencia en los tiempos de los sistemas de información y obstáculos a la cultura estadísticaMarch 25
Profa. Marggie González University of Puerto Rico, MayaguezLesson planning and the role of technology tools for in-service
secondary mathematics teacher
March 27
Dr. Alexander Urintsev University of Puerto Rico, MayaguezImplicit Function CalculationApril 3

Fall 2013

NameInstitution Title Day
Francisco Proskauer
Alejandro Proskauer
Gabriela Carrión
Escuela Espíritu Santo
Soluciones Perfectas en Olimpiadas Internacionales de MatemáticasSeptember 3
Dr. Luis Caceres University of Puerto Rico, MayaguezMathematics in Latin America and the CaribbeanSeptember 17
Dr. Wolfgang Rolke University of Puerto Rico, MayaguezThe Discovery of the Higgs Boson at the Large Hadron ColliderOctober 1
Profa. Helena Arias Universidad del Valle, Colombia Dengue fever under a predator-prey systemOctober 22
Dr. Pedro Torres University of Puerto Rico, MayaguezApplications of Statistics to Public HealthOctober 24
Dr. Arturo Portnoy University of Puerto Rico, MayaguezTalento, aprendizaje y buenos hábitos en matemáticas: anédotas y opinionesNovember 7
Dra. Maria Egle University of Puerto Rico, Rio PiedrasChanging the paradigm: The Adaptive alpha Significance LevelNovember 12

Spring 2013

Name Institution Title Day
Dr. Michael Renardy Virginia Tech In the well-posedness of the hydrostatic limit in fluid mechanicsFebruary 28
Dr. Pierre Albin University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Ricci flow and the determinant of the Laplacian on non-compact surfacesMarch 4
Dr. Jonathan Farley Research Institute for Mathematics How Al Qaeda Can Use Lattice Theory to Defeat the United StatesMarch 15
Dr. Sergei Suslov Arizona State University RogueWaves: A Linear ApproximationMarch 19
Dr. Dennis Collins University of Puerto Rico, MayaguezMeasuring SymmetriesApril 11
Dr. Anvar Nurakunov Academy of Sciences of Kyrgyz Republic Quasivariety Lattices of Pointed Abelian GroupsApril 11
Dr. Gerson Beauchamp University of Puerto Rico, MayaguezThe Mathematics Behind Feedback Control SystemsMay 2

Fall 2012

Name Institution Title Day
Dr. Luis A. Medina University of Puerto Rico, Rio PiedrasAsymptotic Behavior of the exponential sum of distortions of symmetric polynomialsSeptember 25
Dr. Julio Rodriguez Universitä BielefeldStochastic Switching Networks of Adaptive Frequency OscillatorOctober 2
Dr. Juan Romero University of Puerto Rico, MayaguezPanorama sobre el analisis armonico modernoOctober 18
Dr. Pablo Negron University of Puerto Rico, HumacaoAn introduction to bifurcation theory with applications to nonlinear elasticityOctober 30
Dr. Robert Acar University of Puerto Rico, MayaguezFormulation of Conservation lawsNovember 8
Prof. Pedro Alejo Torres NC State University Quantiles Regression for Responses Repeatedly Measured with ErrorDecember 13