Image used for the promotion of the course Creative Nonfiction & Cultural Studies.

Calling all English majors and graduate students! Professor Gregory Stephens will be offering these courses during the Spring Semester of 2017:

INGL4008 Creative Nonfiction

This course can help students doing the Writing and Communication minor, and English majors in general, to develop their writing skills and other practical skills that could help them in the future.

Here’s the PDF flyer of the course: Creative-Nonfiction-Description

INGL6985 Cultural Studies: History, Theory, Methods, Practice

INGL 6985 (Spring 2017, M-W 4:30-5:45)

This is a new special topics course for graduate students. The seminar will provide a forum for grad students to write a section of their thesis or a paper for their comprehensive exams. Topics include youth culture, audience studies, “race” and national identity, the reification of power, and a critique of the Romance of Resistance. One unit of the class will be dedicated to Latin American and Puerto Rican Cultural Studies, as part of the process of the internationalization of Cultural Studies.

Here’s the PDF flyer for Cultural Studies.