The deadlines for requesting admission to graduate studies are February 15 (or the next business day for admission) in August of the same year, and September 15 (or the next business day) for admission in January of the following year. After that date you will have a month to file a late application. For more information on specific dates, consult the corresponding academic calendar.

The cost of application on time is US $35.00 and late application is US $50.00.

Once you complete the application form in full, make the corresponding payment. We recommend that you make the payment by credit card, as the deposit is made immediately and you will receive receipt of the transaction instantly. However, you can also complete the payment at the RUM Office of Finance, in which case you must deliver the receipt to the Office of Graduate Studies to prove payment. The application fee is non-refundable. Please click on the following link that will take you to our electronic Apply Yourself system.

If you are not enrolled in another university and wish to take some graduate courses at RUM, apply through the Registrar’s Office if you have a UPR student number. If you do not have a student number from the UPR system, apply through the Admissions Office of the Campus. The deadline to apply for admission to the first academic semester is the last business day of June and you will have until the last day of classes for the first semester to request admission to the second semester. For more information, consult the standards for studies under the category of professional improvement.

If you are a visiting student or exchange student, you must complete the following form.