The tuition fee for Non-Resident Students and International Students will be equal to the tuition cost for Local or Resident Students. The cost per credit in master’s programs is $195.00 and in doctoral programs it is $205.00. These costs are stipulated in Certification Number 163 – 2021-2022 of the Governing Board.

Apart from the cost per enrolled credit, all students pay the following fees:

  • Maintenance fee – Semester: $100.00
  • Maintenance and technology fee – Summer: $250.00
  • Laboratory fee: $100.00 for each course with laboratory
  • Health insurance: approximately $1,112.00* per year for basic coverage
  • Graduation fee: $80.00 ($120.00 late)

Cost of living – International Students

The Dean of Academic Affairs of the RUM has reviewed and issued the following estimate of expenses per academic year (10 months), applicable to applications for August 2022 onwards.

Enrollment (9 credits)$$3,510.00 (MS) y $3,690.00 (PhD)
Maintenance and Technology fee$500.00
ID card$10.00
Medical Plan (Basic)$1,486.00*
Books and materials$1,300.00
Total** $20,959.00 (MS) y $21,139.00 (PhD)

(*) This amount is subject to change; for the total only the cost of the basic medical plan with pharmacy, dental and Major Medical was included.
(**) IMPORTANT: Additional expenses per spouse and child(ren) should be verified at the RumM Office of Equal Employment Opportunity and Immigration Affairs.