You must process an official transcript of credits. This document must be stamped and sent by your home university to the Office of Graduate Studies. For more information about credit transciption, check here.

It is an official document that confirms that you have met all the academic requirements corresponding to your academic degree.

It is the final numerical average calculated based on all your grades.

The equivalence is determined by the Office of Graduate Studies using as reference tables of equivalence prepared by institutions such as World Education Services.

It is an official document of your home institution that contains information about your academic integrity.

It is a document printed on official paper that has the original seal or signature of the Registrar of the institution that issues it. We only accept documents formalized in this way, stamped and duly issued by your home institution.

If the official academic record is not issued in Spanish or English, you must submit a clear, accurate, legible and accurate translation of the document in English, together with the official academic record in your original language.

Some departments require them. Please see the list of specific requirements and the application for admission for more information.

The minimum score, if there is one, is determined by each graduate program. Please refer to the list of specific requirements.