Graduate Assistantships

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Graduate assistance is a training activity that encourages the fullest development of the student within their discipline. The assistance is not a regular job and involves the management of certain teaching, research and service responsibilities. The stipend granted for graduate assistance varies according to the level of commitment of the assigned tasks and the student’s academic degree.

Currently, the stipend by semester for full assistance paid with institutional funds will depend on the number of credits allocated by the department or graduate program as well as whether the assistant has a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree. In addition, any assistance with institutional funds includes exemption from tuition payment while if the assistance is with external funds, then the exemption from tuition payment will be subject to the type of research project. Special fees and the medical plan are not exempt in any kind of assistance. If you have any further questions or questions about the graduated assistantships of our institution, please read Certification 05-62 of the Academic Senate as amended.

Types of Assisntances

  1. Professorship assistant: The professorship assistant will perform tasks such as attending laboratory sections and offering the conference of basic courses related to his field of study. The correctors are professors who only correct exams and, therefore, will receive a minor stipend.
  2. Research assistant: As a research assistant, you will have the opportunity to work on a project under the supervision of a site researcher.
  3. Service assistant: Service assistants will perform various tasks, specialized according to their preparation.

Processing of assistantships

The granting of graduate assistance will be subject to the needs of the departments, the graduate programs and the available funds. The Director of the Department is the one who makes the initial management of creating and processing any graduate assistance. This is subsequently evaluated by the Dean of the Faculty (or the Director of the Research and Development Center, in the event that the assistance is paid with external funds) and, finally, by the office of the Office of Graduate Studies. You will be able to verify the progress of the validation of your graduated assistance through your account in the “Portal Colegial”. If you want the stipend to be received to be deposited directly into your bank account, then you must first complete an electronic direct deposit authorization form through the new UPRM portal.