The University of Mayagüez Campus of the UPR has a stimulating, friendly and welcoming university environment, ideal for the best graduate students from Puerto Rico and abroad. The Office of Graduate Studies is committed to attracting and assisting our international community to achieve success in the RUM.


Admission requirements

  • Meet with the general requirements of admission
  • Have an F1 or J1 Visa.
  • Show evidence that you have a health plan that covers the semester of study and that is accessible in health institutions in Puerto Rico.
  • Show evidence that you have the funds to cover the expenses of the first academic year by filling out the request for evidence of solvency.
  • Complete Form I-20, which will be sent to you by express mail after showing proof of solvency to the Office of Immigration Affairs.


Health plan

If you do not have a health plan that meets the requirements mentioned above, you must purchase the plan contracted by the university at the time of enrollment.


Evidence of solvency

Once you receive acceptance of the graduate program you requested, the Office of Graduate Studies will send a letter requesting evidence of financial solvency. In this document, you must show that you have the necessary funds to cover the expenses of the first academic year (10 months), which have been estimated by the Dean of Academic Affairs and broken down as follows:

Matrícula (9 créditos)$3,690.00 (MS) y $3,870.00 (PhD)
Cuota de Mantenimiento y Tecnología$300.00
Tarjeta de identificación$10.00
Plan médico$1,486.00*
Libros y materiales$1,300.00
Total**$20,939.00 (MS) y $21,119.00 (PhD)

If you pay for your studies with your own funds, you can show your creditworthiness through bank deposits in your name, notarized financial support commitments from close relatives, or evidence of any scholarship granted in your home country.


I-20 Form

Form I-20 or Certificate of Eligibility for Non-Immigrant Students is a document signed by an officer of the Office of Immigration Affairs that certifies that you have been accepted for graduate studies at our institution and that you have the financial resources to to cover his expenses of studies and of life in Puerto Rico. It is important to emphasize that this document will be received after completing and submitting the Request for Evidence of Solvency.

For more information related to Form I-20, please contact the Immigration Affairs Office at 1-787-832-4040 ext. 2415