As a graduate student, you can work “jornal” in departments or other units that have funds available and offer you employment; additionally, graduate students may receive a higher payment than the current minimum wage. This students are authorized to fulfill a maximum of 20 hours per week during each semester, as long as they fulfill their academic commitments. If you wish to work longer hours, you must include a letter of authorization from the Dean or your Department Director along with your request.

You can review the rules governing student selection for daily work in the following document.


Scholarships and loans

The Department of Economic Assistance of the Dean of Students provides different types of financial aid, including scholarships and loans. Scholarships, to which only citizens of the United States of America are eligible, grant up to $ 2,000 annually and their grant depends on the student’s financial need, family income and the number of credits enrolled that are conducive to grade. For more detailed information, you can visit the website of the Department of Economic Assistance.


 Competitive Scholarships

The following public and private organizations offer competitive scholarships for graduate students:


The Office of Graduate Studies is thankful for your contribution to continue adding scholarships to this list. If you know of other competitive scholarships, send us the information at