In addition to disseminating the courses that you must take to complete your degree, the curriculum details the teachers that will constitute your Graduate Committee. This committee includes the group of professionals chosen by you who will serve as advisors during your graduate school years. These persons may be professionals related to their area of ​​study, professors or competent professionals with an “ad honorem” appointment; however, the director of their committee must be a professor of the UPR system. In master’s programs, the committee consists of three to Five people, while in PhD programs, consist of four to six people; at least half of the members have to belong to your program.

The Curriculum may be amended, if necessary, either to add, remove or replace courses or members of the Graduate Student Committee. If one of the members of the Committee is being replaced, you will need both the signature of the outgoing and the incoming member.

You must turn in your curriculum to the Office of Graduate Studies during your second semester as a graduate student. The specific functions of the Graduate Student Committee are detailed in the 09-09 Certification of the UPRM Academic Senate.

The following table contains the planning of advanced and graduate undergraduate courses (5000, 6000, 8000) through the academic year 2022-2023. Offers may change, so we suggest that you confirm with the department the offer of the courses you are interested in taking.