Thesis Defense Process:

Thesis Defense Request:

  • Starting in the second semester of the 2023-2024 academic year, each student is responsible for using the online form to submit their oral exam request and other documents that complement said request. To do this, the degree candidate must be connected to their institutional account to fill out the information.

Additionally, the inclusion of the iThenticate report is required along with your thesis, dissertation or project documents. This additional step is intended to prevent plagiarism and encourage originality in your academic contributions. During this semester that is being implemented we will have the support of GRIC staff to guide students, you can contact us by email at

In case of any questions  contact the following emails:,,  or

Waiting for Authorization:

  • Once you have completed the form, you must wait for authorization from the Graduate Studies Office to proceed with the defense of your thesis. This authorization will confirm the date and time proposed for the defense, the OEG representative will be designated or any additional requirements that you must comply with will be indicated.

Thesis Defense:

  • After receiving authorization, the thesis will be defended before a designated evaluation committee. During the defense, the committee’s questions and comments must be answered.

Issuance of Recommendations:

  • After the defense, the committee issues recommendations on the thesis. These may include suggestions to improve the quality of the work or specific corrections that need to be made.

Amendment of the Thesis:

  • Once the committee’s recommendations are received, it is necessary to amend the thesis as necessary. This involves making suggested corrections and ensuring that your work meets the required academic standards.

Submission of Amended Thesis:

  • After amending the thesis, it is required to send the corrected version to the OEG to obtain authorization to officially submit it.

Final Authorization:

  • To obtain final authorization, the evaluation committee must review and sign the final version of the thesis. Once this signature is obtained, you will be authorized to deliver the finished thesis.

Thesis Delivery:

  • The delivery of Post-Defense documents, once approved by the OEG Directorate, must be done through this link.

If you are a PhD student, after submitting your thesis, project or dissertation you must complete the “Survey of Earned Doctorates” survey and then take a hard copy of proof to Mrs. Lucy Serrano. In addition, you can publish your thesis, project or dissertation in ProQuest. If you wish, you can also fill out a form to postpone the publication of your thesis, project or dissertation for a term of six months on the page of the Office of Graduate Studies.

Institutional Digital Repository of the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus (DIRE UPRM)

Once the final documents (thesis in pdf format, two signed cover pages, abstract and summary) are delivered to the OEG after defending, all students will have to upload their thesis/project and/or dissertation to the Institutional Digital Repository of the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus (DIRE UPRM).

The Repository is active since last December 2018.


  • Access DIRE, using your UPR email and password.
  • To deposit, you can find the instructions in the guide, in the following link:
  • If you do not see any collection to deposit, write an email to enable your profile.
  • This process takes approximately 5 to 10 minutes.

If you wish to do the process with SIRG staff, we invite you to visit the facilities. Guided consultation will be offered to facilitate the process.

To contact the SIRG you can do so by emailing or calling 787-832-4040 Ext. 6229 or 2309.

You may also contact Jaquelina Alvarez (