L³ Society September Newsletter

The first edition of the L³ Society’s September 2008 Newletter is hot off the presses! This newsletter, created by and for students is focused on the study of language, literature, and linguistics. The L³ Society’s editors in chief are Adriana I. Caraballo and Angel Matos Caro. In this edition, the writers for the Lx newsletter include Kimberly Santiago Vega and Wilmary Rivera Flores. The writers for the Literature newsletter are Marshley Márquez, Alexandra Morales, Larrisa I. Ramos, and Odette M. Ortiz. Links to the newsletters may be found below. Congratulations to our students for their innovative intellectual endeavors! Lit Newsletter … Read more…

New Method for Uploading Files for Postings

Contributors rejoice! The image and file space limitation is over. Thanks to our new ETC Webmaster, Javier, we have a new system to upload images and files so we can add them to our postings. Here’s the procedure to upload the files onto the server: Click on the "Upload Files" Page on the top of the blog. Click on the "Browse" button to select a file from your computer. Enter the password: "english" Click "Upload." The file should appear in the list below. To insert the file and/or image into your posting: Right click on the link to the file … Read more…

CGS recognizes MAEE graduate Aleida Ferrer!!!!

MAEE graduate Aleida Ferrer was recognized in a recent publication by the Council of Graduate Schools (Washington, DC). Her thesis project (“The Design and Creation of a Bilingual Phonemic Awareness Test for Puerto Rico”) was the only one from Puerto Rico listed in the CGS publication Making a Difference: A Selection of Graduate Degree Holders and their Contributions to the Public Good. Congratulations to Ms. Ferrer, to the Chair of her committee, Dr. Elizabeth Dayton, and to her committee members, Drs. Eileen Blau and Billy Woodall.

Assessment Loop Summary

As of close of business today, April 18, the English Dept has done a fabulous job! Some other faculty are still working on projects. Below is the list of people who have completed all required paperwork & thus their papers are ready to go forward to the Assoc Dean, Mario Nunez.   Faculty who completed loops or workshop: Liz Dayton Shannon Bischoff Ellen Pratt Mary Sefranek Rosa Roman Larry Chott Ray Knight Betsy Morales Gayle Griggs Cathy Mazak   TAs who completed Loops or did extra work: Wilfredo Mercado Filimon Orozco Karrieann Soto Monica Ng Stephanie Sanchez Maria Quintero Jessica … Read more…

Casa Abierta

On March 14, 2008, the institution opened its doors to 9th, 10th, and 11th graders of Puerto Rico’s private and public schools. Over 2000 students from around the island were welcomed into Coliseo Mangual to learn about the diversity of our faculties and departments. Representation from the Department of English was immense and faculty members, graduate students, and undergraduate students collaborated in making this all-day event an overwhelming success! Amongst the English faculty members were Roberto López, Iris Toro, Myrna Rivera, Carmen Maldonado, Betsy Morales, Stephanie Cardona, Raymond Knight, Waleska Morciglio, Gayle Griggs, Rosita Rivera, Sandra Ríos, Mary Leonard, Jocelyn … Read more…

Honor Roll Ceremony

This past Thursday, March 27, 2008, exemplary students from Arts & Sciences received special recognition for their academic excellence. Please help us to congratulate the following students from the Department of English who, through their hard work, are on the Honor Roll! Isabel Abón, Emily Aguiló, Adriana Caraballo, Christopher Hernández, Marshley Márquez, Angel Matos, Leslie Mendoza, Juan Ñeco, Yolanda Padilla, Ileana Pagán, Lorianne Ramírez, Gabriel Romaguera, Katherine Rosa, Astrid Sambolín, Julio Vega, and Roxana Velázquez.

ETC Printer Update and Policies

The ETC printer has been installed in the English Department and is available in a limited manner, for the time being. This means that while it is currently not available through the network, you can bring the file in a Flash drive or memory stick to Nannette or other work-study or ETC staff in the English Department and they can print it out for you. It will be available during the hours the English Department is open, and while the workstation is staffed. Daly doesn’t have access to the printer at this time. Given the heavy usage this limited resource … Read more…

Movie Medievalism: The Imaginary Middle Ages Publication

NIck Haydock’s book MOVIE MEDIEVALISM: THE IMAGINARY MIDDLE AGES (McFarland 2008) will be out in May of this year. It is already available for eager beavers on Amazon.com. This book provides a theoretical introduction to the study of films about the Middle Ages and what the author calls the “medieval imaginary.” Employing Lacanian psychoanalysis and Deleuze’s philosophy of cinema, Haydock explores images of multivalent time and looks at how contemporary society projects the past it requires in a number of recent films, including: FIRST KNIGHT, A KNIGHT’S TALE, THE MESSENGER: THE STORY OF JOAN OF ARC, KINGDOM OF HEAVEN, KING … Read more…

“This Watery World: Humans and the Sea”

“This Watery World: Humans and the Sea” (a collection of essays edited by Prof. Nandita Batra and former grad student Vartan Messier, based on the CEA-CC conference of the same name held in October 2006) was published by CEA-CC Publications in December 2007. The volume was very well received, and the editors (Nandita Batra and Vartan Messier) have been offered a contract for a second edition by Cambridge Scholars Press in the United Kingdom. The book can be viewed at the CEA-CC conference display, and the Table of Contents is available here: http://ece.uprm.edu/artssciences/ingles/ThisWateryWorld-TableofContents.pdf

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